Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tribeca Taco Takedown Part 1

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only last Saturday that I was at the Tribeca Taco Takedown, and what an amazing event it was. A festive menagerie of films and tacos of all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of heat and even some dessert "tacos". Being that this was a film festival as well as food festival the ushers brought around samples of the recipes we were viewing on screen. For part one of my Takedown experience, I'll start with the films viewed and their respective munchies.

Scrambled Egg & Chorizo Taco (Hilah Johnson)
We begin with "Cooking with Hilah - Hangover Tacos" a film by internet sensation Hilah Johnson. Her clever film starts off with a seemingly hungover Hilah showing us how to make her version of a pick me up, a scrambled egg and Mexican chorizo taco. A quick and simple recipe that is sure to beat any hair of the dog cure you may have lying around. As her film was running, I sampled this delectable treat, and let me tell you, she's onto something. With a nice smokey chorizo flavor, it was just greasy enough to cure any hangover. Next time I've had a "long night" I'm making sure I'm stocked with eggs and chorizo to get me going the next day.
Salted Caramel Macaroon (Danny's Macaroons)

The next three films are by Liza de Guila at "food.curated", showcasing Danny's Macaroons, Robicelli's Cupcakes and La Newyorkina. All three places left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside and wanting more. Starting off we have Danny's Macaroons. Now, I've never been a big fan of macaroons, but after taking a bite out of the Salted Caramel Macaroon, I was in utter bliss! These were certainly not the typical cookie I've had in the past, instead it was a crunchy yet gooey caramel on the outside and a moist soft coconut center. I was in complete heaven! Danny has changed my mind for good. Though, may I suggest you order early. I have a feeling these guys are going to be swamped come the holidays.

Buffalo Chix & Blue Cheese (Robicelli's Cupcakes)
Next up we have Robicelli's cupcakes. These two were certainly a creative and absolutely adorable couple who create cupcakes with a child's whimsical imagination for flavors. The cupcake sampled was a Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese cupcake that, albeit not for me, for I have a high distaste for buffalo sauce and blue cheese, it was a cupcake I could see many a good acquaintance of mine swooning over. I can't wait to order my first dozen to sample and share with you all.

The last of Liza's films centers around a Mexican native who brings us not tacos, but popsicles, or Paletas in Spanish. I give her 3 F's. Fun, fruity and fabulous! These frozen treats are loaded with chunks of fresh fruit flavor and are a wonderful summer treat.The White Sangria was a phenomenal burst of summer fruits that could have easily brought me to my knees. Although only open seasonally, they do have a few locations that serve winter favorites like Mexican hot chocolate and warm churros. I'm SO looking forward to going there.

Fried Fish Taco (Rockaway Taco)
Finally we reach a film by The Selby where we learn about a little hidden gem on Rockaway Beach. Introducing Rockaway Taco, a beach bum surfers paradise. If you're a summer fanatic like me then you have to check this place out. I got to taste their other worldly creation during the competition itself. The line for their fried fish taco went from the front of the room to the back for the duration of the event. Never having liked fish tacos, imagine my surprise when I took my first bite and was immediately greeted with a moist, flaky piece of fish that didn't taste like a fish stick. Topped off with a red cabbage slaw, guacamole, radishes (yes radishes) and lime, it was a refreshingly light dish in comparison to the rest of the participating restaurants. Unfortunately they are too are closed for the winter season, but I am counting down the days until they reopen and I can once again immerse myself in their taco greatness.

Hope this got you hungry for more so stay tuned for part two of the Takedown tomorrow.

Love, Peace & Bacon Grease <3

(pictures courtesy of Becky Perez)

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