Friday, October 14, 2011

Taco Challenge Accepted.

Now, having kept my eyes and ears open for the past week or so, I've stumbled upon a little event in Tribeca. The Food Film Fest, taking place October 13th through 16th, is a celebration of, well, food and film about food. With several events taking place, from burgers and beer, to an Edible Peruvian Adventure and a Food Porn Party (whaaattt?!?!) this is sure to be an experience for all the senses. I personally plan to attend the Taco Takedown on Saturday, where the public plays judge to a taco competition between Dos Toros, Nixtamal, Dos Caminos, and Rockaway Taco. Open beer bar included, because you know, you can't eat tacos without a nice cold brewski. I'll be positing pictures of this event for your entertainment. - Food Film Festival (proceeds go to Food Bank for NYC)

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