Monday, October 10, 2011

Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs...

A beautiful Sunday morning walking in and out of the shadows of giants, and I have a brunch reservation to get to. Enter Yotel. A new trendy hotel off of Times Square that opened earlier this summer. Here we have the home of Four @ Yotel where they serve an "Unlimited Small Plate and Cocktails" brunch.

The atmosphere; open spaces with an obvious Asian theme made apparent by the Japanese style tattoo art splashed all over the walls. An in house DJ and a very diverse crowd makes for good people watching and a furnished terrace for those who want to dine al-fresco. The cocktails were fantastic and free flowing; the Lychee Mimosa... WOW! What a perfect combination of fruit and champagne. Then there was the Sake Sangria; a powerfully deep purple wine punch that was smooth, velvety and refreshing all at once. Unfortunately, the food was something left to be desired, but there were a few dishes that made a lasting impression. The Chilaquiles, a Mexican fried egg dish with a black bean puree and salsa roja brought a welcomed taste of Latin cuisine in a predominantly Asian menu. The other dish I would recommend would be the Crispy Shrimp. They were perfect little shrimp poppers that packed quite a punch. Finally, the House Ground Meatballs. These succulent little bites were a superb explosion of Asian flavors, but they needed a rice or noodle accompaniment to balance them out.

Now, most of the other egg dishes were short of inedible. In every poached egg dish, the egg was practically raw, but the Sweet and Spicy Bacon dish had to be my biggest disappointment. Neither sweet nor spicy instead it looked chewy and soggy. It was so unappealing I didn't want to try it.

The service is where they lost me. Our waiter started off friendly and attentive, but quickly began to get orders wrong or forget them all together. His demeanor instantly changed when I asked him about a dish he had forgotten and became irate when the table next to us went through a similar situation. To me, this is a HUGE no-no.

Overall, I would say that this is an alright place. They suffer from inconsistent cooking and our waiter's attitude left a bad taste, but they do have good cocktails and some tolerable dishes. I probably won't return here unless I couldn't find somewhere better which shouldn't be too hard in New York. Stay tuned for tomorrows take on Grilled Cheese Martinis.

Love, Peace & Bacon Grease <3

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